Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pop Culture Paintings--Chick Tracts, Tijuana Bibles, and Comic Book Ads

CultJam Productions co-producer Troy Davis writes:

A while ago, for a short film (still not finished), I made some paintings of pop culture items (those of you already familiar with CultJam Productions know about our promotional Chick tracts (here and here) used to promote our film Ivy League Exorcist: The Bobby Jindal Story. Here are some Chick tract paintings (some of them complete, some not so much) along with a painting of a Tijuana bible parody poking fun at Bill O'Reilly and some ad parodies from comics. Enjoy.

Update: Check out CultJam Productions' new Tijuana bible "Cock-Tale" starring Tom Cruise and Xenu with a guest appearance by L. Ron Hubbard.

Note: The covers of Chick tracts I lampooned are "Somebody Goofed,"  "The Choice,"   "The Curse of Baphomet,"  "Where's Rabbi Waxman?"    "One Way!"    and "Somebody Loves Me,"   "The Death Cookie,"   "Big Daddy?"  and "Heart Trouble?"
chick tract queef

jack chick tract lampoon

x-ray specs parody

tijuana bible bill o'reilly

chick tract parody baphomet

chick tract parody waxman

sea monkeys painting

jack t chick tract one way

Chick tract cthulhu
Chick tract death cookie parody
Chick tract big daddy satire
Chick tract satire parody lampoon

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