Saturday, May 11, 2019

Troy Davis Open Letter to George Noory

Troy Davis writes:

Coast to Coast AM radio host George Noory is appear at the Lincoln Theater in Columbus, Ohio. I'm picketing the event with a sign and I will pass out the following open letter:

A Compromise Proposal Regarding Alex Jones and the Sandy Hook Parents: An Open Letter to George Noory
By Troy Davis of  Les Zazous Postmodern Art Gallery and The Museum of Weird and Demented Religious Tracts   @ZazousLes  @WeirdTracts

Dear Mr. Noory,

We live in perilous times. An exhaustive discussion of those perils is impossible but this letter addresses one of those perils you helped to create.

The Rise of Alex Jones: The Global Village Idiot
Alex Jones is a crackpot, a grifter, or a combination of the two. He is the epitome of the Village Idiot Archetype.  His Sandy Hook Trutherism closes the case on the previous two sentences. In an interview with you, Jones pointed out that before he was a guest on Coast to Coast AM, his audience was in the thousands. As a consequence of the media exposure that your radio program provided, Jones now has a fan base in the millions. You helped to turn a village idiot into, to borrow the terminology of Marshall McLuhan, a Global Village Idiot with a worldwide following of village idiots; Jones’ media empire also turns below-average intelligence mooks into paranoid, conspiracy-mongering mooks. Is that a record to honor?
I am part of the Adjunct College Instruction Sweatshop Complex; if I were to receive a term paper from an undergraduate student that puts forth one of Jones’ nutjob theories (e.g., 9/11 Trutherism), I would do the following: 1) administratively withdraw the student; 2) contact the counseling department of the college; 3) and write a full and detailed report of the incident to the department chair and the appropriate administrative staff.

Recently you interviewed Jones and he denied that he was a Sandy Hook Truther. The evidence is overwhelming that this is not the case. Jones referred to the Sandy Hook massacre a “hoax,” and a “fraud” numerous times; Jones claimed that before TV interviews, Sandy Hook parents were laughing, and then “hyperventilated” in order to appear grief-stricken before the cameras. As a consequence, the Sandy Hook parents have faced harassment from Jones’ addlebrained following; one couple had to move seven times because of the hounding. A minimum of research would have uncovered those and numerous other facts about Jones’ repellent statements. The parents deserved better.

An Alex Jones/ Sandy Hook Truce: A Modest Proposal
Commentator John Oliver noted the outrageously high markups on the nutritional supplements sold on the Infowars website (quick aside: who the
f--- except an Infowars fan buys expensive nutritional supplements from a 45-year-old man who looks like he’s pushing 60?).  Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit website recently reported* that purchasers of Infowars merchandise were dying at an extremely high rate, one that vastly exceeded replacement numbers (Hoft’s report pointed out that the last words of  43 percent of those Infowars devotees were “Hey, check this out! I seen [sic] this done on a Road Runner cartoon!”).

I propose a truce. Because of large percentage of Jones’ consumer base’s early demise due to Darwin Awards-type activities, my idea is that in exchange for Jones ceasing his harangues against the Sandy Hook parents, I could organize millions of sane people to bite the bullet and become subscribers to the Infowars Store and buy Jones’ stuff at high markups. For instance, currently I buy organic coffee beans at Kroger for $6.00 a pound (Kroger regularly mails me coupons so about half the time, I pay $4.50 a pound).  I am willing to do my part and become a subscriber to the Infowars Store’s Patriot Blend 100% Organic Coffee (subscriber cost is $16.16 a pound; one-time cost is $17.95) if it means that the Sandy Hook parents are left alone to mourn in peace.  Could use your radio show to publicize the compromise? One final thought: Don’t get me started on frequent Coast To Coast AM guest and former Infowars correspondent Jerome Corsi and what he and Roger Stone did to Seth Rich’s parents.


Troy Davis

*No. Hoft has said a lot of stupid things in his life but he didn’t say these things.  To quote Hustler’s Jerry Falwell Campari ad parody; that part of the letter is “not to be taken seriously.”

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