Monday, October 27, 2014

CultJam’s Promotional Tour of the United Kingdom

Troy Davis writes:

 I went to the UK for a week in late August and early September. I passed out over 800 copies of the tracts “Ivy League Exorcist” and “Cock-Tale: A Modern Tijuana Bible” to the people of Great Britain. I had a blast. Some highlights of my trip: Festival time in Edinburgh . . . Buying a MacBam Brothers anthology at Deadhead comics in Edinburgh. . . Buying a cheap kilt at Highland House . . . Having raw food at the Iglu Restaurant & Bar (I didn’t get a chance to go to Henderson’s because it was closed on Sunday) . . . The independence vote stickers (see pics) yes (“Sack the Tories”) and no stickers (Shepard Fairey pastiche lampooning Alex Salmond, the head of the Scottish National Party) Getting Jimmy the Explorer #1 at Analogue Books . . . Taping a copy of “Cock-Tale” to the door of the Edinburgh Scientology Center (see pic) . . . Edinburgh Castle . . . The crazy pig head in the window of Oink (see pic) The Museum of Scotland . . . Hiking to Arthur’s Seat and eating wild blackberries on the trail at Holyrood Park . . . Hadrian’s Wall . . . Getting an “All The Girls Love Earl” sticker (see pic) in Salisbury (the Cathedral tour was boring but it was cool to see a copy of the Magna Carta) . . . Seeing Stonehenge a couple days before Obama was there . . . Getting a Cornish pasty from a gas station . . . Having spotted dick . . .Checking out the scene in Brighton . . . Passing out “Ivy League Exorcist” tracts in Leicester Square (see pic). . . Doing the “Bitter Sweet Symphony” music video walk in Hoxton (see pic) . . . The Pure Evil Gallery . . . Street art in Hoxton (see pic) . . .Hoxton Street Monster Supplies . . . The polite London signs (see pic) . . . Seeing Sammie Jay perform "Hipster Love" in Trafalgar Square . . . Minding the gap in the London Tube . . Getting cool stickers from The Shoreditch Goodhood Store (see pic) . . . Eating raw ravioli and uncooked bread at Nama raw food restaurant . . . Having “Porridge of the Gods” at Leon at Heathrow. Getting a cool Chelsea Football ball cap . . . Reading in Shortlist about Owen Jones' new book The Establishment: And How They Get Away with It and Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class.

irn bru mighty glass
The English and Scottish people were exceptionally nice. One of the things that made the trip special was when we had dinner at The Carters Rest Gastropub in Jedburgh, I ordered Irn Bru (which I discovered in Scotland and love). The server put it in a limited edition “Mighty Glass.” I asked where I could buy one and she gave me one in a box (see pic). One final thing: one little thing that’s great about the UK is that their soda pop has sugar, not the GMO-laden high fructose corn syrup.

sack the toriesall the girls love earl alex salmond dope shapard fairey
verve bittersweet symphony  hoxton

polite London signHoxton street artLeicester square passing out handbillsscientology prank

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