Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Brown University Guerilla Media Campaign/Limited Edition Comic Book Giveaway to Brown University Students/Staff

CultJam Productions will soon announce a Brown University guerrilla media campaign to spread the word about the short online film Ivy League Exorcist; The Bobby Jindal Story 
found chick tract
which is about a hilariously bizarre chapter in Brown University history.  We're trying to reach the entire Brown University community including all students, faculty, administration, staff, and alumni.  This will involve distributing print copies of the mini-comic book tract  "Ivy League Exorcist in and around the Brown University campus.

As a way to express our goodwill to people in the Brown University community, we are offering a limited edition version of the tract to anyone with a Brown University email address ( This limited edition tract is numbered and signed by the artist Troy Davis. Email us at

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