Saturday, August 19, 2017

CultJam Productions' Comix and Film #cultjampro

Film: Ivy League Exorcist: The Bobby Jindal Story. Watch it on online or on YouTube.

1. "Cock-Tale: A Modern Tijuana Bible" starring Tom Cruise and Xenu. French version (l'edition francais) is here.
2. "Donald Trump Is The Antichrist" a Chick tract parody and an earlier version. Spanish version "Donald Trump Es El Anticristo! Ay Caramba!" is here.
3. "Ivy League Exorcist" a Chick tract parody and an earlier version.
4. "A Demon-Hunting Veep" a Chick tract parody. The panel in this tract that listed "doorways to demonic possession" became an internet meme. Read the article about this viral phenomenon "Decontextualization, Memetics, Semiotics, and The Ivy League Exorcist Chick Tract Parody."
5. Information about the forthcoming Chick tract parody "Falwell in Hell"
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