Saturday, October 5, 2019

"Donald Trump Is The Antichrist: Prepare For The Rapture!" Revised Chick Tract Parody

Troy Davis writes:

This is the latest revision of the "Trump Is The Antichrist" series of Chick tract parodies (previous versions here). Notes and links after the tract.
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Notes: This comic book is part of a rich tradition of Chick tract parodies . . . On the cover, the font of "Antichrist" is based on a font by Charles Burns . . . On page one, the title, "Unquestioned Lord and Master of the World" is from the episode of The Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror V" (the segment about Homer time-travelling and discovers a horrible alternate present in which Flanders controls everone . . . The second panel on page one is based on a very bizarre fundamentalist pamphlet I got in the New York subway (part of it is below and the tract is in The Museum of Weird and Demented Religious Tracts) . . . The man with "Trump 666" stamped on his forehead is an homage to an illustration by Daniel Clowes in "The Apocalypse" in BLAB! #4 . .  . Page two: here's a good article about the scary Christ Fellowship  that Marco Rubio attends . . . Page four: Here is the link to the Scores stripper club in the now-defunct Trump Taj Mahal; the web page reads that it is "Unexpected," "Uninhibited," and "Unparalleled" see below . . . Page four: Regarding Trump's daughter Ivanka; here's an article about the creepy things Trump said about her. , , Kudos to Pocho for linking to this comic.

Notes about the latest edition by Troy Davis: It was long past due to revise this tract. The previous versions were made before Trump became president (and before the Trump Taj Mahal Casino went out of business). I also wanted to change the front cover, remaking Trump in the image of Baphomet (on the cover, Trump is doing a double "Shocker" gesture) .  . . I also wanted to change the Trump images to reflect his obesity, giving the Trump images inside the tract Trump's trademark neck vagina . . . I also wanted to give a shout-out to CultJam's Draft Bobby Jindal for President 2020 campaign.

rfid 666 beast antichrist
Part of a pamphlet I got in NYC subway Nov 2012
Donald Trump Scores Taj Mahal strip club

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