Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Today's Mailer from Ohio Senator Rob Portman--2nd Amendment

Troy writes

This creeped me out today when I got the mail. This would be in bad taste even if it weren't a few days after the Orlando mass shooting. Portman lets us know that he's "unwavering in defending our 2nd Amendment rights." No comment.

This isn't surprising considered the nuisance calls I've received from the NRA. I twice was the victim of  the infamous Wayne LaPierre robocall with the bizarre accusation that Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton "teamed up" with North Korea and Iran to deny Americans their gun rights. 

UPDATE: Since I posted this yesterday, I've gotten a lot of hit from the Washington, DC area, including multiple views from person(s) from Politico. Watch our film about Bobby Jindal and read our Donald Trump comic book. List of links here.
rob portman ad guns
Sen Rob Portman nra mailer

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