Wednesday, February 22, 2017

John Oliver's Version of "A Man Like Putin"

Poyushchie vmeste is a Russian techno-shit band that achieved fame with its musical love letter to sadistic autocrat Vladamir Putin, "A Man Like Putin." The music video for the song is a sterile piece of hack work that supports the contention that howlingly bad art is a byproduct of repressive systems

It's great that humanity has John Oliver to parody the song. Watch the entire episode here and just the song here.

A Man Like Putin
A man like Putin
May seem like he’s strong
But if you think that
Know that you’re wrong
A man like Putin
Sure has good luck
Because journalists die
And he’s rich as fuck
A man like Putin
Only wants power
He’ll fake a tape
Of your golden shower
That’s not something
We want to see
Your orangey face
All covered in pee
And critics like Oliver
Better run far
Because he’ll track you down
And he’ll shit on your car
Beware of Putin
He’s ruthless and shrewd
If you’re not careful
We’ll all end up screwed
A man like Putin
Is really bad
That you need that explained
Is just so fucking sad

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